The Frying Pan Studio; Auido & Photo Crafts

Welcome to my fried world ! 

The FryingPan is my production studio were I create audiophotos, music and field recording projects. I liked the metaphor of the frying pan and expanded on it just for fun  🙂
All the items, in & outdoors, are created and crafted by myself.

If my creations aims to achieve anything, it’s to deliver personal moments of imagination, sense and memories and re-live them in your own thoughts. For this specific reason I choose not to use video, because that only distracts you from your own story.

So, here you will find all kinds of fried audiophoto’s projects, sounds & music productions, accompanied by stories about the making off it all. Content will be added piece by piece, cause as you know, it takes time to produce.  So stay tuned!!

Please feel free to contact me!


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